Architectural PVB Film
Architectural PVB Film
Architectural PVB Film
Various architectural PVB film produced by Duoli are widely used in building laminated glass, like curtain wall, glass railing, sunlight ceiling, and other public facilities to meet needs of all kinds of modern buildings.
Technical Parameters
Appearance No color or light yellow transparent film, the surface is even, without scratches or creases.
Dot-like particles and bubbles Make marks and 1 meter for each
≤0.5mm No more than 8 for each roll
>0.5mm No more than 5 for each roll
Thickness ±0.02 (mm)
Density 1.07 (g/cm3)
Tensile strength ≥20 (MPa)
Elongation at break 200% (%)
Evenness 25mm internal lateral thickness deviation ≤15μm
50mm internal lateral thickness deviation ≤20μm
Humidity 0.25-0.55 (%)
Light transmittance >88% (%)
Haze <0.6 (%)
Shrinkage rate (60℃/15min) ≤8 (60℃/155min) (%)
Texture Of Material
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